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Bug in DCODE-CACHE-MISS, any fixes?

	I am using PCL on VAXlisp/VMS to simulate the lower layers of
	a network/distributed system.  

	Recently, I ran into a problem with DCODE-CACHE-MISS.  The
	problem is that the parameter NEXT-SCAN-LIMIT gets bound to
	either one of my own values (the current event in a discrete
	event simulation), or the class of the method that is being
    	This problem is so baffling that I can't guess how to make a small
    	program that exhibits this behavior.

	The problem appears in both "Can't think of a cute name PCL"
	and "Victoria Day PCL".  It appears wether DCODE (from PCL)
	is compiled or interpreted, in both V2.2 and V3.0 of VAXLisp.

	Please Help.  I'm just spinning my wheels until this gets

		Paul Komar
		VAXCluster Technical Office


	P.S. Please add me to the Common-Loops mailing list.