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Re: Bug in DCODE-CACHE-MISS, any fixes?

    Date: Thu, 2 Nov 89 09:03:54 -0800
    From: komar@gudusa.enet.dec.com (Is Eternal Vigilance the price of Liberty?  02-Nov-1989 1204)

	    Recently, I ran into a problem with DCODE-CACHE-MISS.  The
	    problem is that the parameter NEXT-SCAN-LIMIT gets bound to
	    either one of my own values (the current event in a discrete
	    event simulation), or the class of the method that is being

I heard about this problem once, as I recall it may be because either:

  you have methods with non-congruent lambda lists


  you are calling a generic function with too few required arguments (or
  maybe it was too many).

Both of these are just guesses.  Sorry but I am not maintaining that
version of PCL anymore.  I am working on a new one which doesn't even
have a function by that name.