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re: Getting hold of the method object currently executed

[In reply to message from gamin@Moe.McRCIM.McGill.EDU sent Fri, 17 Nov 89 09:30:33 EST.]

   If having access to the method being run is common enough, would it
   warrant a change to the standard (gasp!) or a special extension?

I did not save the original comment, so this might be redundant:
What is the purpose of being able to get a hold of the current method
that cannot be served by *you* modifying your source code to
note it whatever way you want? 

If you simply want to do some different control flow depending on the
method, the method object itself is not particularly interesting, since I
suspect you would want to discriminate on the class of the method, which
implies making subclasses of STANDARD-METHOD, which is enough of the
change to the innards of the meta-structure of CLOS that you would
probably be in a good position to directly modify the source of methods to
accomplish your goals.

If what you want to do is to change the effective method dynamically,
you will probably need to make your own method combination type, as
Gregor suggests.

Looked at another way, why aren't you also proposing to modify Lisp
to note the currently executing function?