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Re: Problems compiling PCL under VAX LISP 3.0...

The Victoria Day release of PCL is shipped (in both source and compiled
forms) in the VAX LISP kit.  Look in the LISP$EXAMPLES directory--there
is a subdirectory containing PCL.  It is possible that whoever installed
VAX LISP decided not to install the examples, however.

By the way, you might want to run with somewhat more virtual memory--
that also turns on ephemeral GC by default.  EGC is turned off when space
is tight.  The /MEMORY qualifier controls the initial size of the heap;
you can increase it at run time with ENLARGE-LISP-MEMORY.  Control GC
behavior with GC-MODE.  Other useful functions are documented in the
Implementation and Extensions manual, or try APROPOS of "space", "area",
"gc", and "room".