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Compiling test.lisp

I recently grabbed Victoria Day PCL.  I was seemingly able to compile it
and load it fine, but when I try to compile test.lisp I get an unbound
symbol error for *c-initform*.  Has anyone dealt with this before?  Can you
send me any standard test patches to see if our PCL passes this test suite?

This loses in CMU Common Lisp and Allegro CL 3.1.beta.28 [DEC 3100]
(8/3;8/7/89).  In Allegro, I loaded PCL by evaluating (REQUIRE :PCL) and,
then I tried to compile the PCL test file.  The pcl::*pcl-system-date* in
Allegro was "5/22/89 Victoria Day PCL".

Here's suspect code:
   (cleanup-do-test '((:classes foo1 foo2 foo3 foo4
				foo5 foo6 foo7 foo8
				foo9 foo10 foo11 foo12)
		      (:variables *a-initform* *b-initform* *c-initform*
				  *a-default* *b-default* *c-default*
				  *a-supplied* *b-supplied* *c-supplied*)
		      (:functions foo1-test1 foo1-test2 foo1-test3
				  foo2-test1 foo2-test2 foo2-test3
				  foo3-test1 foo3-test2 foo3-test3
				  foo4-test1 foo4-test2 foo4-test3
				  foo5-test1 foo5-test2 foo5-test3
				  foo6-test1 foo6-test2 foo6-test3
				  foo7-test1 foo7-test2 foo7-test3
				  foo8-test1 foo8-test2 foo8-test3
				  foo9-test1 foo9-test2 foo9-test3
				  foo10-test1 foo10-test2 foo10-test3
				  foo11-test1 foo11-test2 foo11-test3
				  foo12-test1 foo12-test2 foo12-test3)))

   (defvar *a-initform* 'a-initform)
   (defvar *b-initform* 'b-initform)
   (defvar *c-initform* 'c-initform)
   (defvar *a-default* 'a-default)
   (defvar *b-default* 'b-default)
   (defvar *c-default* 'c-default)
   (defvar *a-supplied* 'a-supplied)
   (defvar *b-supplied* 'b-supplied)
   (defvar *c-supplied* 'c-supplied)

   ;;; foo1
   ;;; [methods, default/initform, slot-filing]
   ;;; (t,       t,                :class)

   (defclass foo1 ()
       ((a :initarg :a :initform *a-initform*)
	(b :initarg :b :initform *b-initform*)
	(c :initarg :c :allocation :class :initform *c-initform*))
     (:default-initargs :b *b-default* :c *c-default*))