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Re: Persistant objects

    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 90 07:18:28 EST
    From: pab@starbase.mitre.org (Paul Birkel)

    In their AAAI88 tutorial, Bobrow and Kiczales refer to an example they
    used which "[would] sketch how CLOS can be connected to a persistent
    object system".

    Alas, I was unable to attend, and the course notes do not mention such
    a topic.

The course notes do show an example in which `dynamic' slots are added
to CLOS.  This is done by telling the system that for a certain set of
slots, the slots should be stored in a plist rather than the usual way.

All we say about database connections in the tutorial is that this
provides an important part of the hook you need to connect to a

We don't address any of the interesting and hard issues about what
object model you want for persistent objects and whether CLOS maps onto
that very well.  Those are well beyond the scope of the CLOS tutorial.
We just try to show that the MOP provides a hook to do some experiments
in that domain.