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Re: no success with bitftp

    Date: Tue, 20 Feb 90 09:34:47 PST
    From: ntmtv!irvine@ames.arc.nasa.gov (Chuck Irvine)

    Has anyone been successful in obtaining PCL through the bitftp
    method that Gregor described? I tried it last Friday (Feb 16) and
    as yet have not received anything back. I also sent the suggested 
    message to get more info regarding bitftp and have received no
    response from that either. One more question, what is the complete
    pathname to the pcl tarfile, "pub/pcl" or "/pcl" or what?

The directory is /pcl, as some have noted and is reflected in the
corrected instructions I sent out yesterday.

But, I must say that I myself have not received anything back from
Princeton when I asked for a copy of PCL.  I was just given these
directions from somone else, so I will let others explore this and
let all of us know when they get a working set of directions.

Hopefully someone will get this to work soon.