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a problem with "un taring".

I'm having some trouble with the "bitftp" procedure for getting the
pcl sources. Can anyone help? ...
I did succeed in getting the proper mail files and 
uudecoding them. I assume that the file resulting from "uudecode"
is not compressed as that is what the "uncompress" command says when
trying to uncompress it. The real problem occurs when I try to untar
the tar file. After successfully extracting all of the "text" files,
e.g. 12-7-88-notes.text, the tar command encounters a checksum
error when it trys to extract the first "lisp" file, boot.lisp. I
tried changing 5Es to 7Es, as suggested in the bitftp help, to no avail.
Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong? Any help

Chuck Irvine
Northern Telecom Technology, Mountain View, CA