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Re: a problem with

    From: irvine (Chuck Irvine) <irvine%ntmtv.uucp@ames.arc.nasa.gov>
    Date: Wed, 28 Feb 90 14:21:43 PST

    I'm having some trouble with the "bitftp" procedure for getting the
    pcl sources. Can anyone help? ...
    I did succeed in getting the proper mail files and 
    uudecoding them. I assume that the file resulting from "uudecode"
    is not compressed as that is what the "uncompress" command says when
    trying to uncompress it. The real problem occurs when I try to untar
    the tar file. After successfully extracting all of the "text" files,
    e.g. 12-7-88-notes.text, the tar command encounters a checksum
    error when it trys to extract the first "lisp" file, boot.lisp.

I'm having exactly the same problem.

Anyone able to help ?