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Re: some fixes for Rainy Day PCL & Problems with AKCL

The patch for 
  (defmethod compute-applicable-methods

is given twice in the mail with the patches. Shouldn't the second be a
patch for 
  (defmethod compute-applicable-methods-using-classes

By the way: I haven't been able to compile Rainy Day PCL in 
akcl-1-465, it always crashes when loading the binary 'defs.o' (after
having compiled 'defs.lisp'). The error message is a stack or heap
overflow. This happens also with all the patches installed.
Is this a known problem?

Jiri Dvorak                  dvorak@iam.unibe.ch   or
Institute for Informatics    dvorak%iam.unibe.ch@relay.cs.net
University of Berne          UUCP: ..!uunet!mcsun!iam.unibe.ch!dvorak