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Re: Magic number 8 in Rainy Day PCL ???

    From: Thomas Schwab <schwab@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>

    We have some serious problems with the use of metaclasses in the
    "Rainy Day" version of PCL.

I don't know what an accessor miss error is.  Do you mean it signals
some sort of error message?  Or do you mean that some internal PCL
function gets called?

I don't get any kind of error message when I run the following code:

(in-package 'pcl)

(defclass my-meta-class (pcl::standard-class)())

(defclass my-class ()
  ((slot-a :initform "default"
	   :reader read-a))
  (:metaclass my-meta-class))

(let ((inst (make-instance 'my-class)))
  (dotimes (i 8) (read-a inst)))