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Re: generic fcn describe in Rainy Daay

    Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 10:43:46 -0800
    From: kirby@postgres.Berkeley.EDU (Bob Kirby)

    In my version of the CLOS spec published in SIGPLAN (Vol. 23, Sep.
    1988, p2-42) , the generic function is called "describe" not
    "describe-object".  I hope that you intend to follow the published
    spec or else promptly publish revisions.

A subsequent X3J13 vote changed this by adding the generic function
DESCRIBE-OBJECT.  DESCRIBE is now an ordinary function which simply
defaults its second argument and calls DESCRIBE-OBJECT.  For more
information, see page 698 of the second edition of Guy Steele's book.

X3J13 is the final authority on all of these issues.  CLOS is not
considered to be a stand-alone standard but rather an integral part
of ANSI Common Lisp.