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Re: a problem with BITFTP

    Date: Tue, 13 Mar 90 10:34:48 +0100

    I have had no trouble recovering Rainy Day PCL (beta 3) through
    BITFTP.  I used exactly the commands already posted to this mailing
    list.  Have you tried the suggestions in BITFTP's help message, in
    case the uuencoded file gets corrupted?

The problem I had (as did Chuck Irvine) was not covered by the BITFTP help notes.
Each uudecoded file had an extra line at the bottom, which required removal.
Also, there should be no <CR> after the last ASCII text character.
Editing each of the 19 files in this way and then `cat'ing, `tar'ing
etc. worked fine.

I guess the problem is a 'feature' of some mailers or gateways and therefore
worth remembering as one may encounter it in the future, when receiving other
uuencoded mail from other sources or paths.

Ashok "Ash" Gupta

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