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(setf (apply #'accessor ...))

re:    Redistributed: CommonLoops.pa
       Date: Wed, 14 Mar 90 13:08:43 EST
       From: Greg Anglin <watstat.waterloo.edu!dganglin@eddie.mit.edu>


	 (setf b (list bar))
	 (setf (apply #'foo b) 42)


    CLtL2 does NOT include the use of (setf (apply ...) ...) that you want here.
    It's easy to write what you want, however:

    (setf b (list bar))
    (apply #'(setf foo) 42 b)

Lucid's CLOS permits the former usage too, exactly as Greg Anglin expects it.
I wonder what the other CLOS implementations do?

-- JonL --