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Re: (setf (apply #'accessor ...))

    Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 18:24:01 PST
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    Lucid's CLOS permits the former usage too, exactly as Greg Anglin
    expects it.  I wonder what the other CLOS implementations do?

Do you mean that the following works too:

(defsetf foo set-foo)

(setf (apply #'foo x) y)


(defun (setf bar) (new x) ..)
(setf (apply #'bar x) y)

This seems a bit problematic to me since SETF is a macro which operates
on symbols and APPLY is a function which operates on functions.  I guess
you can make it work in practice but...

I'm no fair judge since I never liked SETF anyways.