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Compiling RainyDay in Lucid on Apollo's

Having two problems ....

1) RainyDay PCL's not compiling in Lucid 3.00 on an Apollo.

   Specifically, the problem's in the last form in `env.lisp' :- 

     (eval-when (eval load)
       (unless (boundp '*old-compile-process-form*)
          (setq *old-compile-process-form* (symbol-function
         (setf (symbol-function 'compiler::compile-process-form)

   It refers to the COMPILER package which does not exist.  Perhaps a dispatching
   macro is missing; one of #+:Xerox or #+:ExCL (?) or Lucid needs an equivalent form ?.

   There must be loads of PCL users who also use Lucid so I presume the problem's 
   been identified and the solution's trivial.  Perhaps there's a typo somewhere ? ...

   Loading binary of BRAID...
   Loading binary of FSC...
   Loading binary of METHODS...
   Loading binary of COMBIN...
   >>Error: The symbol *THE-CLASS-STANDARD-OBJECT* has no global value.
   Is it OK to add the following in methods.lisp ? :-

   (defvar *the-class-standard-object*           (find-class 'standard-object))