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Examples of Meta-Object Protocol

   Redistributed: CommonLoops.pa
   From: ericd@orion.laas.fr
   Return-Receipt-To: ericd@orion.laas.fr
   Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 16:38:25 +0200

   I would very much appreciate some short examples of the use of the
   Meta-Object Protocol.  Gleaning through my archives of Commonloops has
   not provided much information.  Maybe I've missed something.

   Thanks a lot,

   Eric Dekneuvel


Did you get any response to this?  I'm also interested in examples of the use of
the Meta-Object protocol.  I have been watching the list for responses to your
question, but haven't seen anything.  If people send you stuff, would you mind
either posting a summary to the list or at least sending it to me?  Thanks much. 
Bruce Seely