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Re: Porting code to new PCL

  Redistributed: commonloops.PA
  From: Steve Chanin <sbchanin@ai.mit.edu>
  Date: Sun, 8 Apr 90 07:30:54 EDT
  To: commonloops.PA@xerox.com
  Subject: Porting code to new PCL
  Reply-To: sbchanin@ai.mit.edu
       An MIT class for which I'm the teaching assistant has course software
  which was written to run with old versions of pcl and lucid.  I was trying to
  patch it so, I could bring it up on the unix boxes in the AI lab which run
  Lucid version 3 (the code now runs with an old version of pcl on Lucid 2.x).
  Iftp a copy of the new release of pcl from xerox.com and it compiles fine on a
  sparc.  However when I try to compile the clas software I get all kinds of
  conflicts between methods with the same name (defined on different classes)
  which have different numbers of arguments.  Are there any PCL wizards out there

PCL now enforce lambda list congruency between all methods of a
generic function.  So you will have to change your defmethods.