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Re: Porting code to new PCL

    Date: Sun, 8 Apr 90 07:30:54 EDT
    From: sbchanin@ai.mit.edu (Steve Chanin)

	 An MIT class for which I'm the teaching assistant has course software
    which was written to run with old versions of pcl and lucid.  I was trying to
    patch it so, I could bring it up on the unix boxes in the AI lab which run
    Lucid version 3 (the code now runs with an old version of pcl on Lucid 2.x).
    Iftp a copy of the new release of pcl from xerox.com and it compiles fine on a
    sparc.  However when I try to compile the clas software I get all kinds of
    conflicts between methods with the same name (defined on different classes)
    which have different numbers of arguments.  Are there any PCL wizards out there
    how would be willing to talk to me about this stuff?

It sounds like the code in question isn't legal CLOS code.
Specifically, it sounds like it has lambda list congruence errors.  You
need to look at the section of chapter 1 (which in my printing of the
spec is on age 1-25) which lays out the congruence for methods of a
generic function.

Earlier versions of PCL were more lenient about this which is why the
code used to work.  There is also information about this in some of the
recent xxx-notes.text files, you might want to read those.