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Re: precompile-random-code-segments

on Thu, 19 Apr 90 14:33 PDT,
Gregor J. Kiczales <gregor@parc.xerox.com> said:

> <your-system-name> is the name of your program.  So, if you have a bunch
> of files that make a system called CAD-TOOLS, you would put the symbol
> CAD-TOOLS in for <your-system-name>.

I am still unclear about this.  What is a system? How does PCL know
about systems?  I am running Lucid Lisp under SunOS 4.0.  There is no
functionality for defining a "system" in my environment.  Should I use
your defsystem function?

Sergio Mujica		mujica@cs.ucla.edu
Computer Science Department, UCLA