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[gregor@parc.xerox.com: RE: new version of PCL]

> There is a newer version of PCL on arisia.  It is May Day PCL (REV 2).

Under Coral Allegro CL 1.2.2 I changed plap.lisp: (defconstant *empty-vector* '#()) 
to: (defvar *empty-vector* '#())

to get it compiled.

Under AKCL 1-473 on a Sun 4/110 I couldn't compile the system
(neither May Day nor May Day rev 2).  Compilation hangs when
compile-pcl tries to load defs.o and never returns from loading.

Is there anybody out there who uses pcl under akcl?

Heinz W. Schmidt                                     hws@icsi.berkeley.edu
International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley   (415) 643-9153   x175