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Re: problem with &key args in defmethod?

[Added commonloops.pa@xerox.com]

    Date: Thu, 3 May 90 13:48:36 BST
    From: Phil Race (ICL Strategic Systems Services)

    I had a similar problem, not necessarily identical, also using
Sun/Lucid 3.0.
    and Rainy Day PCL when building CLUE7.1

    There was a complaint about an &allow-other-keys. I was initially
    at the wrong method until I realised this was introduced during macro-
    expansion of the move-focus method. If I recall this method also
    had a &optional. My hopefully harmless kludge was to add
    &rest rest-options and the the method then compiled OK.
    You might care to try the same kludge.

    I cannot make any promises since I moused your code into my PCL and it
    worked fine.

    (defmethod move-focus ((composite composite) &optional (direction
			   &key start revert-to)

    (defmethod move-focus ((composite composite) &optional (direction
			   &rest rest-options
			   &key start revert-to)

    I have no idea what the underlying cause is and I don't have the time
at the mom
    ent to go looking for it.

    Phil Race,
    ICL Strategic Systems Services,
    Cardinal House,
    St Mary's Parsonage
    Manchester M3 2NL ENGLAND
    Tel: +44 61 833 9111 x2204
    Email: philr@uk.co.stc.icl.fs

Yes, this does seem to do the trick.


Stephen L. Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences