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May Day PCL won't compile in HP Lucid 3.0

Both of these problems are due to bugs in the underlying Lisp, rather
than due to PCL.  They don't occur either in Lucid's other 3.0 ports,
nor in the 4.0 "Beta" for the HP 850; but alas I realize that it is
the 850 with a 3.0 release that you are stuck with right now.

Perhaps there will be a patch for these two bugs.  Note the internal
Lucid bug numbers:

Bug #05490  -- a certain case of ECASE is mishandled by the compiler
   [this is an Production compiler problem corresponding to your error 
    msg ">>Error: LUCID::T0 should be a LIST"]

Bug #05491 --  DELETE-DUPLICATES screws up with :KEY = #'CAR
   [this *might* also be due to a root cause of miscompilation by the
    Production compiler; it is the problem corresponding to your error
    msg ">>Error: The value of X, :METHOD-COMBINATION, should be a LIST"]

-- JonL --