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there seems to be a problem in May-Day-PCL (under LUCID 3.0) with extending
slot-method-using-class.  The following does not lead to the execution of the
additional before method:

    (in-package 'pcl)
    (defclass foo () ((x :initform nil)))
    (defmethod slot-value-using-class :before ((c standard-class) (o foo) slotname)
      (format t "~%executing slot-value-using-class"))
    (setq bar (make-instance 'foo))
    (slot-value-using-class (find-class 'foo) bar 'x)

This used to work in Victoria-Day-PCL. Please help. Thank you.


Christian Rathke                            rathke@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Institut fuer Informatik
Universitaet Stuttgart
Forststrasse 86
D - 7000 Stuttgart 1                                  Tel.: (+49 711) 121-1436