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Re: Disabling compiler in PCL

   Date: Thu, 14 Jun 90 10:00:45 CDT
   From: Kemi Jona <jona@whale.ils.nwu.edu>

   I am using PCL with Mac Allegro Common Lisp and would like to be able
   to make a standalone application.  The problem is that the compiler is
   not included in such an application, so any calls to the compiler do
   nothing.  I believe this is a problem when creating new instances in

   Can anyone confirm that PCL does in fact make calls to the compiler
   when new instances are created?  I am nearly certain that it does.
   Second, and more importantly, is there any mechanism by which I can
   instruct PCL not to call the compiler?

There are certain cases where PCL calls the compiler at runtime.  This
tends to happen when it encounters a generic function or effective
method `shape' that it has never seen before.  There is a way to get it
to precompile these, see the release notes for a description of the
macro precompile-random-code-segments.

There is also a way to tell PCL not to try and call the compiler, even
if it would like to.  You can do this by setting the variable
*COMPILER-PRESENT-P* to nil.  For more information on this, see the
definition of COMPILE-LAMBDA in the file low.lisp.