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A stupid question

	Thanks to everyone's help, I got "5/1/90  May Day PCL (REV 2)"
to compile with AKCL version 1.478 (on an HP 9000/300 series computer).
It also loads.

	Now for the stupid question: how do I use it?
It's not clear from the "documentation".  I expected that after executing
the LISP interpreter would be in a state where I could type in a class
	(defclass foo () ())
but I get an error:
	Error: The function DEFCLASS is undefined.
	Error signalled by EVAL.
However, (pcl:defclass foo () ()) works.  But does one always have to qualify
such symbols?  To avoid this I tried executing
	(use-package 'pcl)
but I get the following: 
	Error: Cannot use #<"PCL" package>
	       from #<"USER" package>,
	       because PCL:DEFCLASS and DEFCLASS will cause
	       a name conflict.
	Error signalled by USE-PACKAGE.
That seems odd, given the previous error....
I tried using defsystem and operate-on-system but they don't seem to be
defined or exported by the pcl package.

	Can someone provide me a *small* example?