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Disabling compiler in PCL

I am using PCL with Mac Allegro Common Lisp and would like to be able
to make a standalone application.  The problem is that the compiler is
not included in such an application, so any calls to the compiler do
nothing.  I believe this is a problem when creating new instances in

Can anyone confirm that PCL does in fact make calls to the compiler
when new instances are created?  I am nearly certain that it does.
Second, and more importantly, is there any mechanism by which I can
instruct PCL not to call the compiler?  If not, then using PCL in
standalone applications with Allegro CL on the Mac is going to be

Thanks in advance,


Kemi Jona	 jona@ils.nwu.edu
Institute for the Learning Sciences
1890 Maple Ave.; Room 304
Evanston, IL  60201	(708) 491-3500 ext. 7100