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CLUE won't compile

re: On an HP 835 running HP-UX 7.0, X11R4, Lucid 3.0, 

    I loaded CLX (MIT R4.2), then PCL (5/22/89 Victoria Day), then
    attempted to compile CLUE (a user interface package), and got the
    error below.

    Is this a problem in PCL or in CLUE?

The backtrace you showed is a classic case of the "metacircular screw" 
-- namely, at some point PCL::NOTICE-METHODS-CHANGE-1 is called on an
"invalid" generic-function in order to update its list of combined,
effective methods; but alas the update computation requires the _use_
of the very generic function undergoing update! and so it gets into
an infinite recursion of calls to PCL::NOTICE-METHODS-CHANGE-1.

I know that the 1990 versions of PCL are much better at avoiding these
metacircular screws -- perhaps you could try using the 5/2/90 "May Day"
PCL instead of "Victoria Day".

-- JonL --