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Request for "Set *" button in Inspect window

   There are times when I'm inspecting a value and would like to be able
   to manipulate it in the Listener.  An easy way to make this possible
   would be to have a button that sets the variable * to the object
   displayed in the window (or to a component thereof if one is selected?
   subtle user-interface decision here), and causes the Listener to print
   the object to indicate that that has happened.

the function TOP-INSPECT-FORM returns the value being inspected
in the topmost inspect window.

I agree with you that a button would be easier for users to know
about (less need for documentation, which would be a good thing).

Another approach would be to support cut and paste of lisp objects,
between the inspector, debugger, and listener.  That's a somewhat
more ambitious, but much sexier solution.