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Re: Problems with PCL and 1.3.1

> I am having some problems compiling the Victoria Day version of PCL under
> MACL 1.3.1.

Excuse the long response.  I thought this would be generally useful to
members of this list.

Below is the latest version of Tech Note 231 - MACL Features.
Among other things, it tells how to compile PCL under 1.3.1.

(If I've violated any copyrights by posting this, sue me.)

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Newsgroups: comp.binaries.mac
Subject: Macintosh Technical Notes - 231 Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp Features
Message-ID: <30178@dhw68k.cts.com>
Date: 23 Feb 90 06:00:32 GMT
Lines: 369

[02/90 Macintosh Technical Notes - 231 Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp Features]

Revised by: Paul Snively				   February 1990
Written by: Guillermo Ortiz				      April 1989

This Technical Note describes some known problems and provides solutions
to  these  problems  for the Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp package which
is available from Apple Computer, Inc.  You should note,  however,  that
although  Apple acquired Coral Software and is selling Macintosh Allegro
Common Lisp, Apple is not  currently  distributing  any  other  products
which had been developed or previously sold by Coral Software.

Changes since April 1989:  Noted 1.3.1 documentation  errors,  corrected
erroneous   floating-point   patch  for  version  1.2.2,  updated  1.2.2
information which is not relevant to 1.3.1, corrected APDA part  number,
added  examples  of  high-level  printing  functions in 1.3.1, an array-
dialog-item  example,  and  information  explaining  how  to   get   the
Victoria-Day release of Portable Common LOOPS (PCL) to compile correctly
under 1.3.1.

(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0)