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MACL Tech Note


The latest revision (February 1990) of the Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (MACL)
Tech Note #231 is available from Apple.  It documents some of the known
problems in MACL v.1.3.1.  It includes the high-level printing functions and
the missing array-dialog-item example for MACL v.1.3.1.

Do an FTP apple.com.  You will find the tech note in:

All Apple tech notes can be freely distributed.  Please, give a copy of this
tech note to anyone who uses MACL!

The tech note also lists the changes necessary to get the Victoria Day release
of Portable Common Loops (PCL) running under MACL v.1.3.1.  Sometime next week
we will post PCL/Victoria Day with the MACL v.1.3.1 fixes.  It will probably be
in pub/dts/mac/lisp.  Check it out in a few days.

Laura Clark
Lisp Product Marketing Manager
Apple Computer