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PROCYON vs. MACL comparisons, anyone?

Last September, I saw PROCYON Common LISP on the MAC at IJCAI (International
Joint AI conference) in Detroit. I was VERY impressed with the product, 
particularly their CLOS-based integration (I took the CLOS tutorial
during the conference). I have also had very good impressions of their
technical support. They have an interface builder called ACTION which 
is UNBELIEVABLE (and somewhat pricey, although reasonable considering
what it does) which runs in PROCYON native mode or in concert with 
a MicroEXPLORER LISP board ($1200 is my recollection). 

Is there anyone on this mailing list that could give me some pros and 
cons? With the indefinite delay of release 1.3 (which, among other
things, gives me color dialogs, which I desperately need) I need to 
make a decision on whether to port to PROCYON or not, and would appreciate
user feedback. 

Thanx, I'll summarize any responses I get. 

P.S. Glad to see that there IS a mailing list for MACL, and that it is 
     getting postings. I thot I was all alone in the world ... :-)

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
ARPA: lindahl@evax.utarl.edu

Note: Standard disclaimer: nobody believes me anyway, but these are my
      own opinions.