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RE:macl 1.3 withdrawn?


I got the same story today. I ordered my copy of 1.3 over 4 weeks ago, 
was told three weeks ago that it would be released this week, and now this.

The APDA rep said that it would be "estimated" to be released in another
month from now, but that the product manager was not able to commit to 
a specific date. 

So we're all stuck with 1.2.2 until they get the new release out. I am 
somewhat bitter about this, as I made definite project plans based on 
the availability of 1.3; looks like I may have to bite the bullet and
convert to PROCYON (EXPERTELLIGENCE's Common LISP for the MAC, which 
appears to be quite good). Problem is that my code is VERY interface
intensive, and therefore I'll have to convert to THEIR Mac interface
code (CLOS-based also, by the way). 

As an added note, CLOS (PCL, Portable Common Loops) isn't available either;
XEROX doesn't support non-released products, and since 1.2 is considered
"non-released", that means effectively that I can't get either 1.2- or
1.3-based PCL. Does anyone know if there is an archive somewhere with
1.2-based PCL resident? I was told (but haven't yet looked myself) to 
see if XEROX (ARISIA.COM) still has the 1.2 stuff.

Sigh. As a dedicated LISP fanatic, this has severely damaged my
credibility around here. Guess its time to learn C++ :-(. 

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
ARPA: lindahl@evax.utarl.edu

Note: Standard disclaimer: nobody believes me anyway, but these are my
      own opinions.