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Apologies about recent comments on 1.3...

Lest my recent comments about MACL 1.3 be misconstrued, I wish to state 
that I realize that producing and maintaining a system the size of MACL
is a MASSIVE undertaking. If I was too harsh, I will be glad to state my
position (note: AN OPINION) unequivocably, which is this: 

I am VERY pleased with the TECHNICAL aspects of MACL. I speak from
LISP machine experience (7 years +); I was AMAZED at how much of 
the LISPM functionality is built into the product on a (relatively) small
platform (MAC in as little as 1 meg).

I have met both the project manager and some of her technical people, and they
are top notch in my book. 

My problems (and I think I'm being fair here) stem mainly 
from the APDA management of this product; limbo is not a nice place 
to be, particularly for a programming tool/environment such as MACL. As 
I stated to the APDA phone reps (they were very courteous and professional, by 
the way), I just need to be able to PLAN when things will happen (i.e.,
delivery); delays per se are understandable. 

My apologies to Apple (and others on this mailing list) if I came across too

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
ARPA: lindahl@evax.utarl.edu

Note: Standard disclaimer: nobody believes me anyway, but these are my
      own opinions.