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Some responses to the 1.3 delivery questions...

Two things: 
1) I got mail from one of the MACL developers, who says that he doubts
   it'll be a month before the next release is delivered. I'll post 
   updates of any specifics I hear as they come in. 
2) I got mail from Mark Kantrowitz <Mark.Kantrowitz@A.GP.CS.CMU.EDU>
   at CMU, whos states that:

   "I compiled PCL for MACL 1.2.2 using the Victoria Day sources from
   arisia.xerox.com. There's a Tech Note out which lists the changes
   needed to compile it in MACL 1.3.1. Also, I'm told that the next
   version of PCL (Rainy Day version?) will compile in MACL 1.3.1."

So at least one of my questions has been resolved (although I won't be
able to do it myself until next week -- this week's been MURDER, and I don't
feel like hacking this weekend :-(  )