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Standalone applications, dialogs, etc.

I'm creating a standalone application (using MACL 1.2.2) of a program
I'm writing, and have a question.

Since you can't have old pointers into the Macintosh heap
lying around in the standalone application, one has to create
all instances (including dialogs) dynamically after the
standalone application starts up.  The problem I'm having is that
typically I have shadowed object functions for each dialog that do
specific things for each different dialog I have, like

     (defobfun (window-show *my-dialog*)
        (...sets up values in some fields of the dialog...)) 
So, I must EVAL this AFTER *MY-DIALOG* has been created, which either
means wrapping all the object functions I have for *MY-DIALOG* in an
EVAL form, or load them from a file after *MY-DIALOG* is created (I'd
rather that my application have all of its source already loaded). 
Both ways will work, but I would like to know if anyone has thoughts on
alternative/more elegant ways to accomplish this.

In general, I would be interested in hearing how others deal with these 
types of issues when creating a standalone application.

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