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defun doesn't call eval

   The problem I'm having is that
   typically I have shadowed object functions for each dialog that do
   specific things for each different dialog I have, like

	(defobfun (window-show *my-dialog*)
	   (...sets up values in some fields of the dialog...)) 

   So, I must EVAL this AFTER *MY-DIALOG* has been created, which either
   means wrapping all the object functions I have for *MY-DIALOG* in an
   EVAL form, or load them from a file after *MY-DIALOG* is created (I'd
   rather that my application have all of its source already loaded). 

I think there is a misunderstanding here.  Why don't you just
do the DEFOBFUN?  Why is there any need to call EVAL?  You have to
-execute- the DEFOBFUN after the dialog is created, but that doesn't
require the evaluator.  The DEFOBFUN has already been compiled.  You
just need to run it.