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Oh, what the heck. Lots of people seem to want to talk to TCP from
MACL. Some code which does this can be ftp'd anonymously from
MINTAKA.LCS.MIT.EDU, files pub/MACL-tcp/*

This code gives you access to TCP bytestreams as Lisp streams. It does
not support any of the higher level IP/TCP protocols, such as telnet
or rlogin. It is entirely in Lisp, using the Mac programming
primitives in MACL (1.2.x) rather than the foreign function interface.
Double buffering and asynchronous calls to the TCP driver are used for
better performance.

You will be happy to know that this code was written as an
undergraduate programming project, has not been used extensively, and
comes with absolutely no promises whatsover other than that the
examples in the documentation really work and were cut-and-pasted from
a running Mac.