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MACL and Hypercard

Recently, Daniel B. Pliske (dpliske@gmuvax2.gmu.edu) wrote in info-macl:

> If anyone has any information on the availability of an interface between
> MACL and HyperCard, please let me know.

Here's something I pulled off of the netnews on the subject:

> From comp.lang.lisp Mon Feb 19 08:06:39 1990
> Path: huntsai!bcsaic!ssc-vax!uw-beaver!mit-eddie!snorkelwacker!usc!chaph.usc.edu!castor.usc.edu!vronay
> From: vronay@castor.usc.edu (Iceman)
> Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp,comp.sys.mac.hypercard
> Subject: Lisp<=>Hypercard IPC
> Message-ID: <8182@chaph.usc.edu>
> Date: 15 Feb 90 19:03:46 GMT
> Sender: news@chaph.usc.edu
> Reply-To: vronay@castor.usc.edu (Iceman)
> Followup-To: comp.lang.lisp
> Organization: The Sheep in the Sky Ranch
> Lines: 24
> Xref: huntsai comp.lang.lisp:1420 comp.sys.mac.hypercard:1701
> This is in reference to a previous posting I made concerning using
> Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp from Hypercard.
> Apologies to all who don't care about this - I tried to email it, but
> around 50% of the replies bounced do to my twisted news path.
> I will give the public domain IPC (Talk to Me) with OK docs, sources,
> and Pascal, C, XCMD, and Lisp examples, along with EVAL-server code
> (Hypercard sends strings to Lisp, Lisp EVALs them and sends them
> back) to anyone who sends me either an 800k disk or an AppleLink
> address.  (My AppleLink gateway doesn't seem to like sending disk
> files.)  I should point out that this IPC has no relation whatsoever
> to the IPC that will be available in System 7.0.
> my physical address is:
> 1311 W. 35th place
> Lost Angeles, CA 90007
> -ice
> ================================
> reply to:  iceman@applelink.apple.com    AppleLink:  ICEMAN
> disclaimer:  (not (apples-opinion-p (opinions 'ice))) => T
> ================================

I mailed him a disk, but haven't heard back from him yet...

Hope this helps.
George Williams
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