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Help: ACL version 1.3 update on Mac

I am writing an application that uses color windows with pictures and icons.
These windows are created during the program initialization process but
remain hidden until called to the top layer by the user. The user can bring 
any of these windows to the front by clicking on an icon representing the 
window. Such iconic representations for all windows used by the user are 
displayed in a dialog-box.

The icons in the dialog-box are user defined instances of *dialog-item*. Pulling
a window to the front is not the only dialog-item-action associated with these
icons. For example, icon-A is responsible for displaying window-A and also
highlights portions of the picture contained in window-A using the 
quick-draw routines. Thus the dialog-item-action keyword for icon-A contains
function calls for the following sequence of actions:

	(hide-current-window)      hides the currently displayed window if it
                                   is not the window-A. This function uses the
                                   window function window-hide.

	(show-window window-A)     uses the window function window-show to
                                   display window-A.

	(select-window window-A)   makes window-A the active window using the
                                   window function window-select.

  (highlight-item items window-A)  uses quick-draw routines to highlight
                                   items in window-A.

Whenever needed, the system calls the shadowed window-draw-contents function to
redraw the pictures and icons contained in the window.

The application runs the way it is described under the old ACL version 1.1.
However, when I switch to ACL version 1.3 I have to shadow view-draw-contents
instead of window-draw-contents without which the contents of the window are
not redrawn. The system call to view-draw-contents appears to be a little 
different from window-draw-contents because my program now highlights items in 
window-A before redrawing its contents.

	Why does the sequence of actions differ ? 

	When exactly does the system call the view-draw-contents function ?

	When changing from version 1.1 to 1.3 what are the important
	alterations to keep in mind. Nowhere in the manual accompanying
	the updated version do I see a list of changes made since the 
	last version. Can such a list be obtained ?

	Is it possible that I may have missed something out by not having
	the ACL version 1.2 update ?

Any help from you folks out there in the lisp world would be greatly