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Incompatibility between PCL and (save-application)???


I've run into a problem using PCL (Rainy Day, with patches thru 3/10 or so)
with MACL's standalone application generator. It appears that it is not
possible to use PCL from the generated application.

MACL:	1.3.1
Mac:  	MacIIx
OS: 	6.0.3
Memory: 8 Megs.

The following steps are *my* personal path to ruin :-)

  o Load PCL in the regular way (pcl::load-pcl)

  o Read in a file containing some simple CLOS code. Here I'll use the
    make-simple-lock example from Keene's book, page 25:

	(defun make-simple-lock (name)
		(make-instance 'simple-lock :name name))

    [of course, the defclass stuff was entered as in the book...]

  o Create an application via
	(save-application (choose-new-file-dialog :directory "ccl;Test Me" )
		:compress nil
		:toplevel-function #'toplevel-loop)

  o Now, click on the application to open it up.  Try to create
    an instance of any class.  If I now enter 
	(make-simple-lock "x")
    I get in reply:
	> ERROR: NIL can't be FUNCALLed or APPLYed.
	> While executing: UPDATE-TO-CHECKING-DFUN
	> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.

So... any hope for PCL here? I'd love to use it until Apple's CLOS is
ready, but I also need to generate standalone applications.  I'm hoping
that I'm doing something wrong (or at least correctable...).  Please 
let me know if any of you PCL users can generate an application.


	Sean Doyle / Radiology Dept / Mass. General Hospital 
 (or)	doyle@mgh-sisu.harvard.edu