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Incompatibility between PCL and (save-application)???

   From: "XRAY::RSTARSEAN" <rstarsean%xray.decnet@mghccc.harvard.edu>


   I've run into a problem using PCL (Rainy Day, with patches thru 3/10 or so)
   with MACL's standalone application generator. It appears that it is not
   possible to use PCL from the generated application.

My guess is that PCL calls the compiler at run-time to compile
effective methods which haven't already been compiled and cached.  The
compiler isn't available in stand-alone applications.

	   (make-simple-lock "x")
	   > ERROR: NIL can't be FUNCALLed or APPLYed.
	   > While executing: UPDATE-TO-CHECKING-DFUN

If you call an expurgated function in a stand-alone application,
it ignores its args and simply returns NIL.  Looks like that's
whats happening here.

I'm not too familiar with PCL, but you might be able to run
the application for a while (before calling SAVE-APPLICATION).
This would get all the effective methods computed and cached.
Then call SAVE-APPLICATION.  Of course, if you miss just one
effective method, you'll lose at run time.