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Macintosh thermo calculation/knowledge representation system

Date:  4-APR-1990 15:15
From: meltsner@crd.ge.com (Ken Meltsner)
Subject: Macintosh thermo calculation/knowledge representation system
To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com@smtp@tcpgateway

If there is sufficient interest, I can make my Thermodynamics Workbench
program available to the net, although someone else -- cambridge.apple.com
perhaps -- will have to be the ftp site.

The Workbench includes:

*  a mediocre English language interface
*  a decent Macintosh-based interface with a few bugs
*  a frame-based knowledge representation, complete with matrix math
   and equation-based methods
*  practically no thermodynamic models
*  a set of LISP versions of numeric algorithms from Numerical Recipes.

I'd be willing to make this available free for non-commercial use, which
would violate my agreement with Winston and Horn as to the use of some
code from _LISP_, 2nd ed.  It's not particularly well documented, and
the new user interface is pretty much undocumented.  Consider it a work
in progress, as I'm currently planning a new, massively improved version.
As a result, I'd insist that anyone who uses it should try to get me bug
reports and other feedback on the system's usefulness and general aspects
of design.  Rewrites of grungy sections would be fine as well...

Anyway, send me a note if you'd find this useful.