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Object Lisp and 1.3.2

   From: PALEXANDER@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu

   First, what will happen to Object Lisp when CLOS shows up?  I am trying to
   make an implementation direction decision and am wondering if I will have
   to rewrite my entire system if I don't use PCL now.

I believe Object Lisp will largely go away.  Perhaps someone more
directly involved in the 2.0 effort could comment on this.

   Second, does anyone know the status of 1.3.2?  I heard it was coming and 
   haven't heard much beyond that.

1.3.2 was on the verge of shipping, when we found another potential
crashing bug.  We're in the process of looking at that, and are holding
up the release while we do.  Believe me, we want to get 1.3.2 out as
quickly as possible!  We just don't want to ship something with bugs.