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Re: from MACL 1.2.2 to MACL 1.3.1

I'd just like to second Ute's comments on the difficulty of 1.2.2 -> 1.3.1
upgrade.  I put a fair bit of work into implementing a graphical user
interface for a natural-language parser that runs under 1.2.2, and
I was quite dismayed to discover that some of the tools that it
depended on (like *graphics-window*) had been kicked out from under
me when I upgraded to 1.3.1.

The view system in 1.3.1 is a flashy concept, I agree, but when I
ran into problems creating PICTs that were ultimately caused by
the WITH-FOCUSSED-VIEW macros inside of most of the quickdraw calls
and was told that I should just reimplement quickdraw myself,
my view of this "enhancement" has soured somewhat.

I sympathise with the developers of MACL --- I think they've done a
great job all in all, and I can understand that they want to make
MACL all that it can be.  I guess all I'm asking for is a little
more concern for backward compatibility.