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Problems with (start-picture)

We have problems with the start-picture function in MACL 1.3.1.,
 which works in 1.2.2.. Both manuals say that this function starts 
recording QuickDraw commands in a picture whose frame is the 
rectangle specified by the arguments of the function. But in 
MACL 1.3.1. start-picture starts only recording commands in a picture 
with a size of the windows PortRect,like the following example shows:

(setq window-1 (oneof *window* 
                      :window-size #@(50 50)
                      :window-position #@(10 10)))
(setq window-2 (oneof *window* 
                      :window-size #@(150 150)
                      :window-position #@(100 10)))

(ask window-1 (start-picture 0 0 200 200))
(ask window-1 (frame-rect 25 25 125 125))
(setq picture (ask window-1 (get-picture)))
(ask window-1 (draw-picture picture))

(ask window-2 (draw-picture picture))

In window-2 only a corner of the frame appears and not the whole frame,
although the rectangle given in start-picture is larger than both of 
the windows.

Klaus Goos
Karlsruhe University, Institute of Logic, West Germany