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Patch for MACL reader bug

The Reader in MACL 1.2.2, 1.3.1, & 1.3.2 has a bug in it's character upcase
code.  This bug is only noticeable if a symbol has constituent characters
whose character codes are greater than 128.  If you are having
a problem interning symbols with constituent characters in the Macintosh
extended character set (e.g Kanji), the following patch will be useful to you.
(The patch changes a branch on signed compare to branch on unsigned compare).
To install the patch you will need ResEdit or another resource editor that
can search for Hex data in a resource.  Please remember to work on a copy
of the MACL application, and save all your files before running the patched
application (in case you mistype and cause your machine to crash):

Open a copy of the MACL application with ResEdit.
Open the "CODE" resources.
Open "CODE ID = 5"
Choose "Find Hex..." from the "Find" menu and search for "0c07007a"
(don't type the double quote characters, just 0c07007a).
Change the word after the "007A" from "6E2C" to "622C".  The code
should now read: "0C07 007A 622C 0407".
Exit from ResEdit and double-click on the patched Lisp to try it out.

Contact me if you have any problems installing the patch.


Bill St. Clair