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Programming Fred

I use an extended keyboard and have modified the KCHR resource of the system
file so that some of the additional keys send ASCII sequences that EMACS can
interpret.  What I would like to do is have Fred recognize these key events as
well.  For most keys, things work fine.  For example, I can get Fred to
properly interpret a key loaded with ascii 1 (^A) by saying something like

	(comtab-set-key *comtab* 1 'ccl::ed-beginning-of-line)
	(def-fred-command #\^A (:control #\a)).

My only problem so far is with keys loaded with ascii 16 (^P).  No matter what
I try, hitting this key produces an error saying

	NIL is not a valid argument to +
	Error produced within EVENT-KEYSTROKE

(or some such).  Is this a bug?  Hint: the function keys on the extended
keyboard all seem to be initially loaded with ascii 16 too.

Thanks for any help.

Hector Levesque
Comp. Sci.
U. of Toronto