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Contributions and suggestion

Matthew Cornell says:
>I'd especially like to
>see the ability to set and move the mark using keyboard commands (like
>Zmacs on lisp machines)

Well I just happen to have some code that allows the user to set and
move a mark from the keyboard and to make such a mark the selection.
It isn't quite the same as the Zmacs facility, but its close.  It's
really more similar to the region in Gnuemacs.  I've uploaded it to
/pub/MACL/CONTRIB on cambridge.apple.com.  The code is in a file


The code is fairly heavily commented.  For those who would rather not
look at the code, there is also:


which contains a cleaner form of the documentation.

Now what I'd really like to see is a keyboard macro facility as per
gnuemacs.  It seems like it should be doable, but I haven't played
with it at all to find out.


Nathan Wilson
Teleos Research