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tags & other source

I'm not sure exactly what functionality you guys are looking for in
marks since I'm not an emacs user. I just put a file in the MACL/CONTRIB
called custom.sit.hqx. Among other things it contains a file called
fkey-bindings.Lisp that implements tags (ala vi). A tag menu is added
to the LISP menubar and whenever you creat a tag (via menu selection
or F9) it is added to the tags menu. When you select an item from the
tags menu the window is scrolled to the position where the tag was
 - a list of tags is maintained for each window ( the tags menu updates
itself based on the front window so only its tags are shown)
 - if you hit F12 tags are created for every defun, defmacro, def... in
the file and stored in hierarchical menus by def type.

fkey-bindings.Lisp is actuall just a small part of what is in custom.
There is a ReadMe file that mentions some of the stuff. Among them

1) icon/cicn dialog items (implemented correctly - the MACL sample code has
bugs - e.g. try using a size other than 32x32)
2) pict dialog items that a clicable and act like buttons.

Both of the above are accompanied by code to integrate them into AID.
(that's dialog designer to you old time MACL users)

5) Implimentations of HideDItem & ShowDItem

6) Utilities for opening/closing resource files & getting resources
from them.

There is a bunch of other stuff too. The ReadMe doesn't cover everything,
but the code is all commented (include doc strings) so you should really
scan the source.

I'd be glad to hear comments and suggestions: engber@ils.nwu.edu
I don't think I put my email address in the ReadMe so you may want
to save it away (you see, the code was developed for internal use
so there was no need - I'll have to remember to add it)